Think Christmas!  As part of your gift giving this Holiday season, please consider a lasting gift to the Keenan Van Fund, that will benefit many ALS patients for years to come!  
Dan Keenan "Paying it Forward" . . . . . 

Dan dreams of bringing mobility to other ALS patients on the Western Slope of Colorado.  
If you know Dan, you know laughter and great attitude.  Dan's selfless nature is what is most memorable about him.  Even with the challenges of having terminal A.L.S (Lou Gehrig's Disease), Dan has a consistent upbeat, positive attitude and a dream of helping others in Western Colorado stricken with this terminal disease.

Dan's dream is to "Pay it Forward", to others in need.  Never thinking of himself first, but rather thinking of others who could benefit from a wheelchair van to assist in their daily lives.  Dan and his team are working hard to raise money and make his dream come true.  

Dan's legacy will live on in our community for decades to come.

Read about the amazing athletic talent that Dan was blessed with, on the About Dan page.

Check out our Events Page, to see upcoming fund raisers and online auction bidding opportunities!
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​The Keenan Van has been passed to Adam Wiener in Grand Junction, Colorado to assist with his daily life and wheelchair accessibility needs to make life easier.

Read Adam's personal biography and you will be touched by the love he has for his family and the joy in his heart is truly inspirational.

The wheelchair accessible van requires annual licensing, insurance, tires and maintenance. If you would like to donate to help keep this "Pay It Forward" dream alive please consider a donation to Alpine Bank, with the information below, or online on our Donate Page.

Your donations are Tax Deductible with the 501c3 
Non-Profit status.

Thank you!
Dan Keenan's dream of helping others stricken with A.L.S. will go on for many years!
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Meet Adam Wiener of Durango, CO
Please consider donating to the "Dans Vans", Hilltop Community Resources, 1331 Hermosa Ave, Grand Junction, CO  81506, ATTN: Barbara Brown
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Paying It Forward Story!  Recently Adam lost the keys to the Keenan Van.  He called Bob's Lock and Key in Durango, CO to help recover the code and solve his dilemma.  This was not an easy process and it took several days to get the necessary information to be able to enable the Keenan Van, so that Adam could get back to this normal lifestyle using the handicap van.  The key technician Scott Wiebe was so impressed with the Keenan Van story and Paying it Forward that he too wanted to participate in the event and totally donated his time and efforts for free!  

Thank you Scott and Bob's Lock and Key for this happy ending, your compassion and  "Paying It Forward"!